Friday, November 09, 2007

heard was a drone.

some facets of my job are at the mercy of the speed of my computer.  some process take awhile, so, from time to time, while waiting for the processes to run, i surf various sites.  on this particular day, i was on, and on their homepage i was once again reminded how far i had come - in age.  displayed across the upper quarter of the page was u2's "joshua tree", this year being it's 20th anniversary.

twenty years?!  i have cousins who weren't even born when joshua tree was released.  they have no idea what a joshua tree is.  i began to wonder how my other favorite albums had aged, so i decided to look into some, and here's what i came up with.

note: all dates were taken from wikipedia, the oh-so-semi-authoritative wikipedia.

smashing pumpkins - gish (1991)
pavement - slanted and enchanted (1992)
rem - automatic for the people (1992)
smashing pumpkins - siamese dream (1993)
weezer - blue album (1994)
jeff buckley - grace (1994)
radiohead - the bends (1995)
radiohead - ok computer (1997)

wow.  thinking back, i could recall random memories, situations, and feelings attached to songs from these albums.  i was always bad at recalling the exact timing of such events, but i could remember the first time i heard jeff buckley's "grace", specifically his cover of "hallelujah".  i remember when i bought "ok computer" at the virgin megastore - import, no less.  i could recall tough times with "automatic for the people".  all of my memorable moments, emotions were tied to a particular song or album.  i could trace my growth via my record collection.

these days, i'm quite content, and (thankfully, i might add) my moments are tied to hymns, worship, and praise.  i just have to work on my worship/praise collection.

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