Sunday, December 30, 2007

cut your hair.

my father and i had an interesting exchange today at the store.

(dad is rummaging through today's paper, looking for something.)
dad: i want to see this movie

me: (in disbelief, cos my dad rarely wants to watch a movie) oh really?  which?

(dad continues to rummage.  he finds the calendar section and turns to the full-page advertisement for sweeney todd.  he points to johnny depp.)
dad: he's a barber; i'd like to see this movie.

me: (i smile) appa (father, in korean), he's a barber, but the movie is about a barber who's a murderer.  he kills people.

dad: (in a serious tone) oohh...he's a bad barber.

(i almost fell out of the chair)

my father wanted to see this movie about a barber because he, himself, is a barber, though not a murdering barber.  he became a barber late in his career.  this was after repairing televisions and vcr's for over a decade.  this was after owning a beauty supply business, which he still owns.  he proved to me that you can be whatever you set out to be.

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