Tuesday, September 28, 2004

city bathed in clouds.

came back from a wonderful trip to san francisco. some highlights....

-the pixies (!!) at the greek in berkeley.

-breakfast at mama's - the french toast and mimosas. never knew champagne and oj could be so good. yes, champagne in the morning.

-bart and muni - public transportation rules!

-spending all weekend with my surrogate parents. thank you so much for taking me!

-grey goose vodka

-sf moma. i wanted to steal the rothko they had and dive into its colors. i also wanted to steal the teflon coated sweater they had there and give it to ll.

-the drive back, including the conversation, the aquarium, highway one.

-chinatown food - vats of oil that are never turned off.

-the bar/gallery/dj club/indie club....the name escapes me.

i really do need to get out more.

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