Wednesday, September 15, 2004

garden state moment...kinda.

"i need to get gas...." was the thought i had as i drove to church on sat evening. "oh, i'll get some gas before i get there cos it'll be a tad late when recording is done." was the next thought.

i pull into the gas station, everything fine and dandy. "my windows are dirty, damn dirty..." so i grab the squeegee. this gas station is top notch cos even at 7.30pm on a saturday the water is clean and the soap is still pink. "dum-dee-doo" washing my windows, no thoughts running through my head.

i finished washing my windows and glanced at the gasoline meter. the meter told me all my gas was pumped, so i put the squeegee back and stepped into the car, "next stop: recording!" i drive no more than five feet and....


"what the hell is that?" i stepped out, walked around the car. "ah man!" i eyed a detached hose, followed it up the car, to the nozzle, which was still attached to my car, and shook my head.

embarrassed, i tried not to look up. i heard a girl asking her dude, "what happened?", and he replied, "that dude tried to take off with the gas hose still attached?!!!"

it would have been much funnier (and less embarrassing) if had i just driven off.

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